Elder Brad Johnson is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the ALASKA ANCHORAGE MISSION. This blog will include many of the e-mails Elder Johnson sends to his family each week. It will extend from October 6, 2010 to October, 2012.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Elder Johnson's September 26, 2011 E-Mail

Hi Mom,

Thanks for the e-mail.
I think it's neat to hear about Dad and all his new experiences. I'll jump right into your questions.
 1.    Shirt size?
I'm a 17" neck and the length of my arms are the same size as Dad's. Dad should know for sure.
 2.    Why weren't you smiling in the zone conference group picture?
I was trying to square my jaw, and I ended up looking like I was mad. But
I most definitely wasn't. I was in the presence of a General Authority; that
was cool. Got a lot of notes that I won't share with you now, for sake of
time. You can see them in a year.
Do I look like I lost some weight?
3.    What are your thoughts on Brittany and Elder Flynn?
I think it's funny. I wouldn't mind Elder Flynn and Brittany. She'd like
him, because I like him. But again, Mom, they've never met, so it's just
silly hoopla for now. Don't get too emotionally attached. He thoroughly
enjoyed her package, though. I hope she's being creative and not spending
3a.    Does Elder Flynn forward my e-mails to you?
Most of them, I think. I read them.
3b.    What are your thoughts on my e-mails to Flynn?
They're hilarious. Elder Lawson said he wants to write you now--simply for
the sake of receiving your funny letters as well. You should shoot him an e-mail:
4.    Do you think Elder Hartman will leave on the next transfer?
We just finished our transfer yesterday. And Elder Hartman is staying for one more transfer, then he will have to leave because his visa expires. Either myself or Elder Record will leave with him.
5.    How long will the South Whitehorse Warriors be a companionship?
For one more transfer. Please tell the girls to send their deal ASAP. I assigned Elder Bowes to be the Creative Coordinator for the District. He decided to make shirts. He designed them, and they're getting them ordered today. They'll be relatively inexpensive. $25 each.
6.    How did you like golf?  You know, I think you should take it up when you get home if you liked it.  Finance guys should know how to play golf.
I've been playing golf for the past 5 mos. on P-day. My swing is outta this  world. And, yes, you're correct. If you want to make it on Wall Street, you better know how to play golf. Well, not really, but it certainly doesn't hurt to know. That's why I'm learning.
Plus, Isaiah's really into it now, too. We're going to play when I get back.
You should tell Dad to try the driving range at Fiddlesticks with Brittany
and Lauren. Do it for FHE next week. You could take pics and send it to me.
Driving range is dirt cheap.

7.    Getting cold?  Getting Dark?

Colder, yes. Darker, yes. It won't come full-blow until the end of October. That's when hell freezes over.

8.    Excited about Conference?
Conference Weekend on the mission is the best time. I can't wait. Been looking forward to it since last conference.

It's going to be fun here, too, because the whole branch goes to the meeting
house to watch it. In between sessions, we will have a big huge potluck of a
lunch. I feel a lotta of luck with this potluck.

By the way, I approve of the girls' name. Mid-Chandler Missionary Mailers is decent: got good alliteration and all. I'm sure they can figure out something better, but if it's going to take extra time to send a package, then tell them to go with what they got and get it out here. I've got
missionaries that are expecting some written support here.
Please find out Vann's address for me. I'd love to hear from him.
Please relay this information to Dad ASAP.
I've had to spend a lot of money the past few weeks. Reasons include the following:
1. Zone Conference: We had nothing to eat but what we purchased. And the zone planned a big eat-out at a restaurant that was not cheap. I also had to purchase, for the first time, shavers and a few other necessities.

2. I've run out of allotment money for the month of September. This was
due to the increased costs in Whitehorse. President Beesley just began
giving us $40 extra dollars per allotment dispense. This will begin for the
month of October.

3. Eating Out: We get fed very rarely. There are times where it is not
feasible to drive back home to make dinner, b/c we're busy with another
lesson or trying to save miles. So there are times when we have to eat out.
But I am being extremely conscious of my expenditures. My debit card should
be very low. My credit card should have a balance of $70.24, plus the $20 I
spent on groceries today. All necessities. The cheapest cereal I could find.
Bread for peanut butter sandwiches. I promise I'm not living it up here. I'm    trying to be very frugal.

Please forgive the amount of money I've spent recently. I am watching my
expenditures closely. Please tell me what my balance is on my debit card so I can make sure my accounting is equal to the actual.

Elder Johnson

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elder Johnson's September 6, 2011 E-Mail

New Companion Elder Jason Record

Hi Mom,

Thanks for the letter.

In your last letter, you asked if there was anything I needed, like shirts and stuff.

My white shirts are tattered and graying. If you could send me 7 new white shirts, the same ones from the Distribution Center would be fine. That would be terrific. Also, my pants are quite worn as well. Please ask Dad if my suit-pants came with any warranty. Some of them have holes in them,  etc.

I have not been able to because the computers that we use here do not have Microsoft products. So no Word.

I'll see about getting mine to you today.

Also, we use the Church computers in the Family History Center. So I was worried about money and got on to see if Dad responded, which he did, which was good.

Thank you for everything.


Oh, by the way, here's another great set of missionaries who would like introduce themselves to Brittany. They request that Brittany send another glamor shot of herself and, due to their increasingly busy schedule, write a letter to their companionship as a whole.

South Whitehorse Warriors
68B Teslin Rd.
Whitehorse, YT Y1A-3M6

Basically, they are amazing. Elder Bowes is the brunette, Elder Hartman is, well, the other one.

Attached for your perusal are a couple pics of them.

E. Bowes and E. Hartman

Elder Bowes

Elder Hartman

Such nice boys ....