Elder Brad Johnson is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the ALASKA ANCHORAGE MISSION. This blog will include many of the e-mails Elder Johnson sends to his family each week. It will extend from October 6, 2010 to October, 2012.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elder Johnson's July 23, 2012 E-mail

Ze Chef ... Elder Tonga
Hi Mom,
That last e-mail was my weekly to President Beelsey. I've got very little time on the computer now, and my e-mails will be very short unfortunately for the rest of my mission because I need to report to President Beesley on the status of my trainee, not my son or my greenie.
1.  What is your companion’s name and where is he from?

Elder Bret Wingard. Tebetts, Missouri.

2.  How do you feel about not being an AP?

I was the one who mentioned that I needed to move out. And I feel good. Training a new missionary is the best way to end a mission because it's the hardest assignment to have. Being an assistant is easy.

3.  What was cool about being an AP?

It was cool. But it was easy. You have a really good companion to teach with. You go and rock lessons, and then on the times throughout the day that are slower are usually filled with trainings and meetings with President Beesley.

4.  Do you miss Elder Flynn?

Yes. He was a very fun companion to have.

5.  Anything else you want to share?  I know you are busy, but give us a quick shout out.  And tell your greenie HI from your Mom.

We are teaching a family from south Sudan. His name is Mayak, pronounced My-yack. He's really neat, and hopefully he will be getting baptized soon.


Elder Johnson

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Elder Johnson's July 16, 2012 E-Mail

Dear Mom:
We've officially completed transfers this past week. Planning for the transfer begins typically near the end of week five of our six-week transfers. For two to three hours each day, Elder Flynn and I meet with President Beesley and plan out the transfers. This decision process goes for three to four days. It's like putting a giant puzzle together. Matching missionaries with other missionaries, deciding whether they'll get along, whether they'll work hard, etc. The Wednesday of the sixth week is the day we seek confirmation for all transfer decisions. We seek that confirmation and direction in the Temple with President and Sister Beesley.

This transfer process was an interesting one. For the first four days of the planning, it was expected that I would bring in a new assistant, and we would work in the Airport Heights area--this would most likely be the companion who I finished my mission with. However, Tuesday night I had a difficult time getting to sleep running over thoughts on transfers--something didn't feel right; I wasn't comfortable with what I was doing. Before I was able to fall asleep, I came to the conclusion that what was bothering was I should be training a new missionary for my last two transfers.

In the morning, we met with President and Sister Beesley before the Temple. I felt as if I should voice the impression I had so that President Beesley could decide what the Lord wanted. After the Temple session, we had our final transfer meeting, and President Beesley felt comfortable about me training. It was interesting to see, as well, how everything seemed to fall into place with the rest of the companionships after I was put as a trainer.

So at the last hour, essentially, it was determined that I would be training--for the fourth time--a new missionary in the Airport Heights ward. And that is how I'll finish my mission. I can't imagine a better situation.

As for my companion, we have an idea of who it will be, but we like to wait until we meet them face-to-face to make the final decision. We will be picking the new missionaries up from the airport at 11:30 AM and will be with them the rest of the day.

As for my golf clubs, yes, I would like to send them home. I found out that I can send them home through Fed-Ex for around $120. They actually have a box specifically for golf clubs. These are very nice clubs. They would probably be $600-$800 dollars buying them new.

I look forward to see some of the things that Brittany and Chandler have come up with. I know someone else who is as well.

I love you very much. We've a busy day.

Oh, and I should mention, because I will be training, I will not have as much time to e-mail for the remainder of my mission. I will try to still write good e-mails, but do not be shocked if they are concise and brief. We just don't have enough time allotted to us to write a good e-mail.


Elder Johnson