Elder Brad Johnson is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the ALASKA ANCHORAGE MISSION. This blog will include many of the e-mails Elder Johnson sends to his family each week. It will extend from October 6, 2010 to October, 2012.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Elder Johnson's April 18, 2011 E-mail - New Companion!!

Hi Dad,

 Thanks for the e-mail. Funny story about Brittany. (Brittany was in a talent show
this weekend and Steve told him about it - she was awesome and funny!)

 Really busy today, helping Elder Sione Collins with all of his e-mail
 stuff. He's from Samoa, and English is his second language. I'll see if I
 can't respond a little more in detail, but you can call Jake Babcock, and
 he'll tell you about Elder Collins. He's been trying to call
 you and mom and text message you guys. Also tell Lauren to respond to his
 Facebook message. He's just messing around with her, trying to be her
 friend. She needs to respond quickly to him. He's way funny and cool.

 But my new companion is way awesome.

 Elder Johnson

Hi Mom,
Elder Collins is taking forever to write his e-mails, so I do have a little more time to write something substantial.

He's very loving and respects the heck out of me. I feel awkward sometimes with his praise and adoration. He blesses the ground I walk on--literally. As his trainer, I've made it a goal to make him the best teacher in the entire mission. We role play every day for hours. We role play always. It's funny: when speaking to people and teaching, he says the same things I say. He mimics everything I do. Sometimes he tries to walk step-in-step with me.
He loves rice. Eats mainly with his hands. I had to explain that people find that unpleasant here. He's learning a lot and has already improved greatly.
He's, as you should know from my first e-mail, from Samoa. Western Samoa, not American Samoa. He can climb a coconut tree without straps or anything, just by running up.
The members of the ward have really taken to him--they love him, and he's quite social and funny when he breaks out of his foreign shell of insecurity. He's a breath of fresh air.
I'm loving every second. Please call Jake and tell Lauren to respond ASAP. If she ever feels like she's too busy, it's because she's unorganized. If she planned her day out and stuck to a schedule, she'd have no problem. I work 17 hours a day, and I'm not too busy. She's not too busy.
Elder Bradley Johnson
1.    Who is your companion and what is he like?
Elder Sione Collins. He is straight from Samoa. He's awesome. Very humble. Not very big like you'd expect for a Samoan. Smaller, skinnier, good looking dude. They call us the good looking Elders.
2.    Where is he from?
See Q1.
3.    How does it feel to be a trainer?
4.    What special information did you get on your 2 hour trainer's meeting?
Nothing much. Just encouragement and the such. I'll let you look at my notes when I come back.
5.    Should we not expect and e-mail next week since you will be in your week long meeting?
No, no. The leadership training meeting will be later on, and it will not affect e-mails.
6.    Who will your companion be with since you will be gone for a week?
He'll exchange with another companion in the area, whose companion is going to the leadership training meeting.
7.    Elder Piiparien has a blog and I can follow him.
Good. He's cool. Nice guy. Elder Bird's new companion. Former AP.
8.    Tell me about any investigators that you want us to pray for.
You just pray in general for investigators and for success in the AK ANC Mission.
Sorry. Helping Elder Collins do his e-mails and Letter to the President.
Please call Jake Babcock on the number that I gave to you. You can talk to him and ask him questions about my companion.
Elder Johnson

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