Elder Brad Johnson is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the ALASKA ANCHORAGE MISSION. This blog will include many of the e-mails Elder Johnson sends to his family each week. It will extend from October 6, 2010 to October, 2012.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Elder Johnson's e-mail dated April 4, 2011 - Splits with Jake Babcock and Conference

We (the family) got a call Sunday night from a young man named Jake Babcock from Alaska - he said he was with Elder Johnson and he just wanted us to know what a great missionary Elder Johnson is and how much he enjoys going out on visits with him!  Wasn't that cool? We had a great conversation with him.  And our Elder was close by ... :>  Brad told us in his letters about Jake Babcock.  Enjoy the e-mails!!!

Hi Mom,
Thanks for the e-mail, and I'm glad to hear that Dad is sending another flash drive; I'll take some more pictures.
The Jake Babcock Call:
Here's how it got started: Jake's the man, so we try to take him to lessons with us a lot because he's an awesome teacher and a former AP in the Riverside CA Mission, so we tear it up together.
Jake was sitting up front in the car while we were going to a lesson (Up front, because I offer my passenger's seat to all of our guests who we take to lessons--a courtesy thing). And Jake was turned around talking to me about something, and then he goes:

Elder Johnson, did I ever tell you how unbelievably good looking you are?

I tell him: You're making Elder Bird jealous.

He goes: You got a picture of your 19 year-old sister?

No, but I could probably get one.

Do you know her cell phone number.

No, but call my mom and ask.

So he calls you and as you answer we pull up to Joe's house. Elder Bird and I leave to go in, and Jake stayed outside for a second to talk to you.

So, technically, I was in the same care while he was talking. There's nothing in the rules that say members of our wards can't talk to our parents. Shoot, most missionaries have their companions call home for them and ask for stuff and what-not. I think that just totally spoils the experience. But I thought that you thought it'd be funny, so I told him to call.

He wants to talk to Lauren, though. And he needs her cell phone number. So will you please call him back or text him and give it to him? Tell Lauren that she's not being disloyal to David if she talks to a Jake Babcock from Alaska. And tell her also that he's way funny. So I want her to talk to him on the phone once or twice. Jake's just messing around; he's not a weirdo or anything. A very, very good teacher.
I do like what you write. I take it all in. I don't comment on it because I don't have much time to write you. But keep updating me. It's good to hear what's going on.

You asked:
 Where did you guys watch conference?  Give me details like “the ward house on so so road. “  Was there a large crowd there or does everyone have BYU tv like us?

We watched them at the stake center and had 5 investigators attend different sessions. Conference week is the best week for missionaries. No, not large crowds--most everybody has BYUTV.

Elder Johnson
 Hi Dad,
> Thanks for the e-mail.
> Who said I was being transferred? I could very possibly stay in the area
> another one.  It's very possible I'm in for another one unless you've heard otherwise from President Dance, which is unlikely. But I put in a request to stay another transfer, so we'll see what happens.
> Jake is effective because he's funny and personable. He knows his scriptures
> and knows how to explain things in entertaining ways. He tells stories when
> he teaches, uses analogies. He's just wild when he teaches and people love
> him. I've modeled a lot of my stuff off of his. My teaching skills are
> greatly improving. I could get up and speak for 15 minutes in sacrament
> meeting on just about any gospel principle without any preparation, wouldn't
> be scared a bit. I've already taught the Relief Society and the entire
> priesthood about missionary work.
> I gave mom all of the information to my ASU ID and Password. She has it. But
> it should be: ***************--please note the capital "S".
> Please check my account and make sure there is a little extra cash in there.
> If I do transfer, I may need money, so please make sure there's about $100
> to be safe.
> Thank you for everything and for funding this amazing experience. I'm loving
> every second of it.
> Love,
> Elder Johnson

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