Elder Brad Johnson is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the ALASKA ANCHORAGE MISSION. This blog will include many of the e-mails Elder Johnson sends to his family each week. It will extend from October 6, 2010 to October, 2012.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Elder Johnson's Second Letter from the MTC on October 21, 2010

Entire MTC District Alaska Anchorage Mission
Hi Mom,
As you know, I don't have much time on e-mail, only 30 minutes and the computer is slow. I've received every one of your DearElders, as well as Dad's and Brittany's. I can only write letters on Thursday, my P-Day; that's why you haven't received any response. DearElder is awesome; unfortunately, you will not be able to use this when I'm in Alaska, where I will be leaving to on Monday. I have, however, already written and mailed my letters to you all this morning, so hopefully you'll get them in a few days.
My purpose for this e-mail is to give you some important information. I want you to respond via DearElder by today, Thursday, so I can know how we're going to work this out.
I'm flying to Alaska on Monday morning. My MTC District President has advised us that we may call our families while we are in the airport. So, I need to know both you and dad's cell phone numbers. And I need you to be ready for a phone call throughout the morning. I do not know when exactly I will be able to call. But I figure before my flight to Alaska. If Lauren and Brittany would like to be in on the phone conversation then that would be cool. If you and dad can get work off in the morning, then it might be better for me to just call the land-line, so everybody can here the conversation at the same time. But I'll leave that up to you to decide.
So, please tell me which number(s) you would like me to call. I wish I could work within your schedule, but I just don't know how lenient my schedule will be, so I need you all to be open most of the morning, particularly before 9 AM UT-time, as my flight takes off around that time. DearElder me today; if you do this, I can receive it by either today or tomorrow. But you need to do it tonight.
As for everything else: I'm having a tremendous time and am way pumped to get out into the field. My letters detail everything else and answer all of your questions.
After Friday, maybe Saturday (but don't bet on it), will be the last time you can DearElder me and I don't know how you can get in contact with me after that, beyond the phone call, but I'm certain I will find out on Monday evening when I arrive in Alaska.
I hope everyone is well. You should receive mail in a few days.
Elder Johnson

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